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You then just have to extract downloaded archive in your Notepad++ installation folder. If you have two versions of documents but do not know which one is the final version or if something was added or removed, the Compare option in MS Word comes in handy. I have used ExamDiff or WinMerge for comparing files for a few years, however today I noticed Compare listed in the Notepad++ Plugins manager. Above image show comparison between two files source codes. With + green show there are new line , and – minus is empty. The Plugin Manager should be installed first, because it makes the installation of additional plugins easier.

Notepad++ has a lot of little functions that add up to make the experience of using it very convenient. One of those functions is auto-completion, which saves users a few taps on the keyboard by recognizing the syntax and finishing code. Some users may not like this function, but the good news is that you can turn it off if you would like. On the website, there are a few options to choose from, but the website does suggest that you download the first option listed for both 32 and 64-bit. Its features include a simple, eye-candy UI with support for multiview editing, plugin extension, several programming languages, syntax highlighting, etc.

Try out the Font Playground to see how it looks in your favorite programming language, and even compare it to ones already installed on your system. It’s frequently employed as a means of concealing sensitive data. This approach restricts external access to specific attributes while still allowing them to be accessed by members of the current class via public getter and setter methods. You can specify which attributes can be read or updated using these methods and validate a new value before changing an attribute using them. Raylib does not provide the typical API documentation or a big set of tutorials.

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Go beyond syntax highlighting and autocomplete with IntelliSense, which provides smart completions based on variable types, function definitions, and imported modules. I love @code The built-in markdown previewer is awesome and the plugin system allows me to use GitLens, which makes my workflow so much easier. I use the XML plugin tool quite extensively on my Windows PC. It offers all the features which Microsoft Word provides. Use this option if you’ve connected the probe to a pin other than the Z MIN endstop pin. With this option enabled, by default Marlin will use the Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN specified in your board’s pins file .

It is inspired by Mariana Themes, which comes with Sublime Text 3’s Build. Lately, Notepad++ has implemented some basic in-built themes which look great but are similar to the pre-installed ones. Third-party developers have created more beautiful & user-friendly themes than the in-built ones. You can follow the same procedure to check out other in-built Notepad++ themes.

  • Improving performance has been the main focus of Notepad’s development.
  • Pick up a book on your beginner language of choice.
  • In Environment Variable window, Under System Variables select path and click edit.
  • It’s a light application that weighs less than 5 MB and is available for free at this link.

Fed up with the constant eye strain bright white screens give you? With this guide, you’ll be able to enable dark mode everywhere on Windows 10 to remove eye strain. It is all about how to enable Notepad++ dark mode on your Windows computer. Also, you can check out various other themes available in the dropdown box.


These small changes still seem to be a cohesive step from Microsoft, and users are expected to welcome them wholeheartedly. Solarized Light Theme is designed for use with GUI applications and terminal. Solarized Light Theme reduces brightness and it retains contracting hues for syntax highlighting readability. You should see a dropdown menu that lets you choose between Light, Dark and Custom modes. To enable Dark Mode, simply make sure to select Dark from the dropdown menu. You should see the menu itself darken as Windows 11 adapts to your preferences.

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It can take some time to learn SQL if you don’t already have some understanding of programming. That said, this language is popular in tech and with data professionals, so it has a lot of relevance in the workplace. Ruby, also called Ruby on Rails, is a simple language that’s useful for creating automation tools, desktop applications, and rapid prototypes. This is because HTML isn’t technically a programming language — it doesn’t execute scripts and you can’t build functional programs with it. Still, HTML is everywhere online, so if you want to understand the internet, you’ll first need to understand HTML. Programming languages give you a structure for the instructions you’re writing.

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