Basic Obedience Training For Puppies: Where to Start

If you allow yourself to get frustrated, you are more likely to turn to negative reinforcement, which is not good. It can also make your energy anxious or angry, which can then translate to your dog. If you are worked up, angry, or frustrated, it can cause your dog to react in a similar manner which can quickly erode your training and trust between you and your Pitbull. Similarly, you should keep consistent expectations for your dog. If you don’t want your Pitbull to bark at strangers, you should never let them bark at strangers.

  • Because of their muscular build and strength, training that requires leash corrections or other punishment is not always effective with pit bulls.
  • Consistency is the key to long-term toilet training success.
  • If your dog has a behavior problem — anxiety, aggressiveness, fearfulness — then what you need is a dog behavioral consultant, like Brianna Dick of Pack Leader Help.
  • Positive reinforcement goes a long way toward reinforcing desired behaviors and ensuring your canine companion remains a well-potty-trained pro for the rest of their life.
  • Good quality diet will also greatly reduce the chances of your pitbull dog getting sick.

However, in the human world, these behaviors are not OK. Remember your dog was born knowing only how to be a dog. If you want him to live successfully in the human world, you must first teach him what is acceptable.

Be consistent inside your training

Because your dog needs enough mental stimulation to use their energy too. All of those will lead to the development of problematic behaviors and habits. Since they just had their food and they might feel full already. Your pup learns to master their reactions toward the world they’re exploring.

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Positive reinforcement training is a highly effective and humane approach to training Pitbulls and other dogs. It is based on rewarding desired behaviors rather than punishing unwanted behaviors, and it promotes a positive and cooperative relationship between the dog and the owner. Positive reinforcement training is particularly well-suited for Pitbulls, as it harnesses their intelligence, eagerness to please, and natural drive to learn.

Then, when you can’t supervise your puppy, you can keep your potty training on track by giving your puppy some crate time. From the first day of your pup’s potty training schedule, ensure that you are consistent so that he learns that he goes out after a nap, playtime, food or any activity. Most puppies need potty breaks every couple of hours, regardless of their breed.

Dogs are highly visual creatures and often respond better to visual cues than verbal commands alone. To accompany the word “no,” use a hand signal such as pointing or making a flat palm towards them. The skills your dog learns as a puppy serve as the foundation for the rest of its training. Puppy Trained Right’s online course covers all the skills you’ll need to give your puppy the best start. Also know that you will have to be involved in training your dog, but it doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your day. Fratt says she spends about five minutes a day on training.

It’s the most popular method for training a dog and often gives quick results when it comes to basic commands and obedience training. Whether you choose dog training at home or you opt to enroll Fido in a professional class, you’ll probably feel bombarded with dog training methods and techniques. Many are considered the best dog training techniques, but what works for one pooch might not work for another. While raising your knee, grabbing your dog’s paws, or trying to push the dog away might work, it doesn’t always teach them right from wrong. Instead, the easiest way to stop this behavior is to ensure that you don’t reward your dog by giving him attention. Remember, however, that puppies have short attention spans.