Elevating Tradition: The Marlin 336 Classic Experience

Elevating Tradition: The Marlin 336 Classic Experience

The Marlin 336 is back, and it’s as remarkable as it ever was, or even much better.

For the majority of of living, I really could confidently walk into a pistol store and get a new Marlin Version 336 rifle on the shelf. It had been reassuring to know which a trustworthy gun was always within reach. Nevertheless, between 2007 and 2011, and again since 2020, new Model 336 rifles were notably missing. This coming year, things have altered. Throughout our 2023 F&S Gun Test, we got the opportunity to thoroughly analyze among the first reintroduced Marlin 336 rifles fresh away from the set up line.

Marlin has a unique record with three distinct eras: the Light blue Marlins from 1870 to 2007, the Green Marlins while in Remington’s acquisition, and today the Reddish Marlins under https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.22_LR Ruger’s umbrella. These colors help differentiate the many phases of Marlin’s firearms production. I’ve got the freedom of tests every new Reddish Marlin rifle, and they have consistently matched up or exceeded the standard of the Glowing blue and Green Marlins that arrived just before. The newest Marlin Version 336 Timeless chambered in .30-30 Winchester is not any different.

Marlin Product 336 Vintage Requirements:

  • Duration: 38.5 in .
  • Body weight: 7.21 kilos (real)
  • Barrel: 20 “, 1-in-12 perspective
  • Measures: Handle action
  • Set off: 4.5 kilos
  • Capability: 6+1
  • Finish off: Silk blued stainlesss steel
  • Carry: American black walnut
  • Chambering: .30-30 Winchester
  • Selling price: $1239.00

The reintroduced Model 336 is basically identical to the rifle Marlin is generating since 1948. Through the years, this has been provided with assorted barrel lengths and supply configurations, using more than four million devices offered. At some point, you can even find the reasonably priced Glenfield variation of the Design 336 at J.C. Penney or Sears.

This new iteration, named the “undefinedundefinedTimeless,” includes a 20-in . barrel as well as an United states black color walnut carry by using a pistol traction. The supply exhibits attractive figuring and features the trademark white-colored and red-colored dot inlay, a trademark from the Red-colored Marlin emblem. The timber is checkered at the wrist and over the now leaner fore-finish, embellished having a classy black colored hold cover with a silver Marlin Guy company logo medallion. Accomplishing the inventory is actually a slender, dark brown silicone recoil mat and 2 sling swivel studs—one located about 3 ” from your butt and the other important for the centrally located barrel music band.

The blued metallic factors show off a thoroughly executed silk accomplish, contrasting beautifully https://bestguns.net/marlin-models/ with all the unique hues of your walnut inventory. The cool-hammer-forged alloy steel barrel using a 1-in-12-” perspective rates are banded just behind the muzzle and also at approximately the middle of its length, near to the fore-end’s conclusion. Marlin equips the 336 Classic using a ramped and hooded brass bead front view, accompanied by way of a folding leaf-style semi-buckhorn back vision that’s drift adaptable for windage and phase variable for elevation. The receiver features a drilled routine for scope bases, making certain compatibility with frequent 336 scale bases and aftermarket aperture points of interest from XS or Skinner.

Whilst Marlin’s promoted excess weight for that gun is 7.5 lbs, our check gun actually weighed slightly a lot less. The retention in the go across bolt protection might disappoint some standard lever-undefinedmotion lovers, but it does give you a less dangerous unloading method. Our test rifle’s induce displayed small get-up and shattered crisply and consistently at 4.5 weight.

Test Effects and Review for the New Marlin 336 Traditional:


  • Outstanding workmanship
  • Beautiful hardwood
  • Clean activity


  • Standard points of interest

When installation a 14X scope over a handle-undefinedmeasures .30-30 gun and trying to search by using it is probably not useful, it’s the riflescope we utilized for bench tests. We fired several five-picture organizations using 150-grain lots from Hornady and Remington, and general, the rifle averaged 2.24 in . for many groups fired. The most effective five-picture group analyzed 1.67 in ., attained together with the Remington Central-Lokt weight. This measure of reliability is on par for the Marlin handle-undefinedactivity .30-30 Winchester rifle.

Nevertheless, the Marlin 336 is ideal for fast photographs in thickets and forest terrain where camping expertise and fast action are vital. We taken away the riflescope for your remainder of our check, using the production line available scenery to imitate actual searching situations. On the inside 75 back yards, the gun done nicely. We do deal with some difficulties hitting an 8-” dish at 100 yards due to coarse points of interest. For optimum results, an aperture vision or low-undefinedpower riflescope can be a lot better.

Most of all, in the course of extensive screening with a number of hundred rounds, the rifle functioned flawlessly. Launching it to the six-round capability was easy, and the motion cycled smoothly without having extraction troubles. Ejected situations were consistently and reliably ejected. We could have located a five-gallon bucket beside us although shooting, and all the spent casings will have landed inside it.

Final Thoughts on the Marlin 336 Timeless:

Although some may consider a lever-undefinedmotion .30-30 gun a beginner’s selection, I’ve always assumed so that it is more fitted to experienced hunters. It demands process to use safely and efficiently, offering the cabability to reload while shooting. With restricted collection, it takes camping and stalking skills to stand out. Although it functions as a beginner’s rifle, there are actually useful lessons being learned to optimize its effectiveness.

For experienced hunters trying to find a speedy-undefinedmanaging, classic United states searching gun, or those trying to embrace their internal cowboy, Marlin’s newest Version 336 Timeless offers both options. As I enjoy the “undefinedundefinedclassic” reasoning behind this design, I would personally change out the sights for Leupold’s 2.5?20 FX riflescope in Skinner’s combination scope install/aperture sight foundation.

Placing aside sight preferences, the new Marlin 336 Traditional is arguably the finest handle-undefinedmeasures .30-30 rifle available https://bestguns.net/search-page/?keyword=marlin+336c today. When it may not deliver tack-driving a vehicle accuracy or function as a sniper gun, it symbolizes timeless allure which is undeniably the coolest new gun of 2023.

A Notice on Price:

Judgments concerning the costs of your new Reddish colored Marlins is not unheard of, but it’s vital to know the difficulties of building a dependable lever-undefinedaction gun. Previously, Light blue and Green Marlins have been practically given aside, but Red Marlin must be financially eco friendly to flourish. (Glowing blue Marlin was marketed, and Environmentally friendly Marlin moved bankrupt to get a purpose.) Think about this: the latest Marlin 336 charges only 15undefinedundefined% more than a comparable Henry .30-30 handle measures, yet it offers a minimum of 30undefinedundefinedPercent much more good quality. Whilst the cost may bring up eyebrows, it’s reassuring to learn that a completely new Marlin Model 336 is once more readily accessible, reputable, and proudly American citizen.

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